Concrete Floor Cleaning

Do you have dirty concrete floors? Are they stained with oil? Maybe they are covered in a layer of dirt that seems to be stuck to the surface. Whatever the cleaning issue you are having with your concrete floor, we can solve it.

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How we clean your concrete floors.

We use high heat pressure washing to remove the oil and grime from your concrete floors. We do this in an eco-friendly way that is safe and has let us achieve our industry-leading levels of customer satisfaction.

How often should you have your concrete floors cleaned?

There are many factors to consider when deciding how often you should get concrete floor cleaning services. Are your floors regularly covered in oil? Do they get a high volume of dirt or other grime? Are there any other things getting your floors dirty? For most cases, we suggest a once a year cleaning to keep your concrete looking it’s best.

How much does concrete floor cleaning cost?

Complete Detail specializes in commercial and residential concrete floor cleaning. Please call us to set up an appointment at 937-507-2927

We provide 24-hour services in more than just Troy, Ohio. We proudly serve cities like Clayton, Dayton, Englewood, Huber Heights, Piqua, Sidney, Vandalia, and more.

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