How is a Crawl Space Inspection Performed?

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During a crawl space inspection, the inspector will look for: foundation issues, plumbing leaks, pests and anything that can damage the integrity of your property. It is vital to your structure that an inspection is performed. It will save you money in the long run and save you the headache of repairs in the future. A crawl space inspection is something every homeowner should have done to protect themselves from spending thousands of dollars in the future.

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Complete Detail is the Miami Valley’s Official crawl space inspectors. Consequently, we are proud to assist home and business owners with disasters large and small. Further, Complete Detail has been proudly providing service to our community in Troy for over 15 years.

What to Expect from an Inspection?

When you hire someone to inspect your crawl space, you may wonder what exactly will happen. Let’s discuss the process that will unfold. First, they will determine if they are able to fit into the crawl space physically (every space is different, and they won’t know for sure until they arrive.) If it’s too small, there are obstructions, or low duct work it may not be possible to enter. Most inspectors need at least a 24” by 18’’ opening in order to enter. If it is big enough, they need to determine if it is safe. For example, signs of exposed nails, electrical wires, standing water, or the smell of mold will keep an inspector from entering. The problems need to be remediated before an inspection takes place. If the area is clear of danger, however, the inspector will enter and give you a full assessment.

Why Have an Inspection?

Some people have no trouble ignoring their crawl space. It’s under the house and easy to forget about or let go. However, ignoring your crawl space is like neglecting a basement. So many problems can surface, and large repairs will grow if not taken care of properly. Therefore, inspecting your crawl space is just part of owning a home. It should be part of your regular maintenance program. If neglected, your entire home is at risk of having problems. You could start to notice mice, mold, “soggy” floors or an extremely high utility bill. Skip the headache and just have your crawl space inspected! Call Complete Detail and we can go down for you!

What to Look For During an Inspection:

Let’s discuss a few things that need to be looked out for ensure it is safe and everything is okay.

  • Moisture and Water Problems: ANY standing water or moisture of any kind is a bad sign in a crawl space. Most inspectors will recommend getting encapsulation or some sort of waterproofing done.
  • Water Drainage Problems: If you have standing or pooling water under the home, this problem may require having a sump pump installed. It is also good to note where the water source is coming from and fix it. For example, sometimes it can be solved by elevating the landscape or getting gutters fixed or installed to prevent water from pooling around the home.
  • Rodent and Pest Problems: If pests (termites, excessive bugs) or rodents are found below your home, make sure to call an exterminator before making repairs. Make sure wood has been treated after repairs have been made to keep from having the same problem again.
  • Check Insulation: Look and see if insulation is wet, damaged or needs replaced for some other reason. Make sure to insulate any exposed pipes to protect them in winter months from freezing.
  • Leaky Plumbing Pipes: If you notice any leaking plumbing, call a plumber to fix the leaks. Again, make sure all new pluming is well insulated.
  • Newly Discovered Gaps and Openings: Down in a crawl space, it is important to look for and fix any gaps or openings. These could easily let in water and pests.  

When to Perform Maintenance:

The best time to perform inspections and maintenance is in the springtime. The temperature is never extreme and any repairs that need to be made can get done before winter. Another time you will want to inspect your crawl space is during bad conditions. For example, a rainy day is a perfect time to see if this is the cause of water in your crawl space.

Should You Have a Dehumidifier in an Encapsulated Crawl Space?

Yes! There are many reasons why this is a good idea. For one, dehumidifiers respond to conditions in the crawlspace. Therefore, when humidity rises, the dehumidifier will detect that and turn on. This means you don’t have to worry about a wet crawlspace, if your dehumidifier is working correctly of course. Another added benefit is you won’t run the risk of crawl space air coming in your home. All that happens is the moisture is simply removed from the air, it’s not recycled. There’s no risk of airflow imbalance. It’s nice because you don’t have to change anything about your HVAC system. The only downside is the cost. You will have to buy the dehumidifier and have your encapsulation contractor install it. But if you’re already paying to encapsulate your crawlspace, why not take the extra step to ensure it is done right. Remember, crawlspace dehumidifiers you will want are far different from the little dehumidifiers you buy at the store. Dedicated crawlspace dehumidifiers are high quality machines that last a long time. You won’t have to worry about them breaking down after just a couple of years.

What Does an Inspection Cost?

As we have discussed, overlooking problems in your crawl space can lead to even bigger, more expensive repairs. The average crawl space inspection can be around $250. However, this depends on the company you hire and if they are inspecting your entire home in addition to your crawl space. If you would like an estimate, call Complete Detail at 937-507-2927.

Team Up with a Certified Crew

The IICRC is a certification and educational organization for restoration and cleaning industries. Complete Detail is proudly certified through the IICRC and exhibit the organization’s five key values on every project. The IICRC’s five key values are respect, responsibility, integrity, excellence, and expertise.

Who Needs an Inspection?

We cannot emphasize enough that EVERY homeowner (that has a crawl space, mind you) should have an inspection done. So many things go on under your home that goes unnoticed. For example, flooding may happen, or just excess moisture buildup. Pests have been known to invade crawl spaces, effecting the integrity of your property’s structure. Over time these problems get bigger and more expensive to repair.

How Often Should a Crawl Space Be Inspected?

Typically, we recommend an inspection by a professional each year. Although, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to examine the area themselves every six months. If you have a sump pump, however, it will require even more inspections to ensure it is working properly. If it has been 5 to 10 years since your last inspection, it is critical you get an inspection soon.

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