Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup In Ohio

Ohio’s best Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup company. We are an industry leader in emergency disaster services and crime scene cleanup.

How We Work

When doing a Crime Scene Cleanup we use products specific for each instance, letting us restore anything that is cleanable after any tragedy. We are a very compassionate and professional company that you can put your trust in. Our Crime Scene and Blood Born Pathogen Cleanup will wear bio hazard outfits that protect us, we also set up containment protection for you, so blood borne pathogens and any possible diseases and to stop cross contamination before it starts. Call us at 937-507-2927 with any crime scene clean up.

Our Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup crews are trained in trauma, homicides, suicides, vehicle accidents, deceased animals, and many other situations . Our Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup staff is well equipped with disposable protection safety uniforms, respirators and gloves, rubber boots that prevent our technicians from cross contamination and illness. We are also good at cleaning up and decontaminating crime scenes, decomposing bodies, industrial accidents, meth Labs, hoarders, tear gas, and other trauma. Sometimes professional grade products are absolutely necessary in the cleanup process but your safety is always our biggest and most important concern. There are also situations that some things cannot be restored, when this happens we remove what is not salvageable and dispose of properly.

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