Having pests in your property is a nuisance. Between the noise and potential damages to the structure, guano from birds and bats is unsightly and unhealthy. When you find a buildup of guano in your attic, it may seem like an overwhelming task to clean. This is where Complete Detail steps in. We provide guano cleanup services to restore and decontaminate your attic. Call us today for a free estimate!

What is Guano?

Guano refers the excrement of seabirds and bats. Simply put — guano is a term that describes bird and bat poop.

Beyond the initial pest infestation, guano becomes a problem when it accumulates in your property – usually in an attic where birds or bats have nested. While it may be tempting to perform DIY guano cleaning, it is highly discouraged. Guano poses significant health threats to humans, cats, and dogs.

The Dangers of Bird and Bat Guano

Guano often contains the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. Because of the high nitrogen content of guano, H. capsulatum grows easily. This classification of fungi causes histoplasmosis — a fungal infection — in people, cats, and dogs.

Although the development of histoplasmosis symptoms is rare, it can prove serious, and even fatal, for immunocompromised people. If an individual develops symptoms, these generally appear three to seventeen days after exposure to the fungus.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Body aches

Another common concern after finding bird or bat guano is the potential for rabies. The good news is that rabies cannot be transmitted through guano. Furthermore, there are no recorded viruses that are pathogenic to humans from guano.

Guano’s Effects on Your Property

Unless you are periodically inspecting your home or business for bat and bird excrement, you may not realize you have a problem. In fact, many property owners attribute the signs of guano buildup to mice or bed bugs, failing to recognize that the birds or bats have likely inhabited the space for years prior. If you do realize that birds or bats are roosting in your property and contact an exterminator, you may be left wondering if you need guano cleanup services as well. There are a few factors that determine the answer. Here’s how to tell: 


The smell of guano can best be described as musty and slightly chemical (think ammonia). Depending upon the amount of guano, the smell may be foul and overwhelming. Alternatively, you may have become immune to the smell due to the amount of time you spend in the space. During an attic cleanup and decontamination inspection, our technicians can pinpoint the cause of any lingering smells.  


Staining is a common result of bird and bat excrement. In fact, it is so potent that the guano can permeate sheetrock! Paint may solve the problem temporarily, but it is highly likely that you will need attic cleanup and decontamination to restore the space.  

Structural Damage 

As if an unpleasant smell and stains weren’t bad enough, another sign that you need guano cleanup services is structural damage. Bird and bat guano and urine erode drywall and destroy insulation. In these cases, you absolutely need help from a professional guano cleanup company. Check to see if your homeowners’ insurance policy covers structural restoration and repairs. 

Should You Remove Guano? 

While it may seem surprising, there are indeed instances in which the guano does not require cleanup or decontamination. If you have already contacted an extermination company and do not notice any of the mentioned signs (smell, stains, or structural damage), you’re in luck! These circumstances deem the guano a non-issue. Complete Detail will likely recommend sealing up the house. This is often enough to prevent the disruption of spores that lead to histoplasmosis.  

Professional Guano Remediation Services

Realizing that your attic has been overrun with birds or bats can be frustrating. Given the aforementioned health hazards associated with guano removal, only a professional should handle this job. Moreover, significant damage may necessitate insulation replacement, sanitization, and improved ventilation. Complete Detail answers your call for professional guano cleanup services to take your home back from the wildlife.

The experts at Complete Detail understand that each situation is unique, and as such, requires a customized plan of action.  Our proven history of experience enables us to assess the situation and determine the best way to perform guano cleanup services in your property. Trust us to work with you to successfully resolve your attic guano buildup issues with a variety of techniques.

When to Seek Professional Guano Cleanup & Guano Remediation Services

Despite the health concerns that guano introduces into your home, the majority of bat and bird excrement in attics and walls is harmless if left undisturbed. While the idea of guano in your property is repulsive, you likely only need attic cleanup and decontamination if one of the following criteria apply:

  • You find a large accumulation of guano.
  • You suffer from a respiratory illness.
  • You are pregnant and/or have children living in the home.
  • The attic is used for storage or as a room.
  • Your ductwork leads from the attic to the rooms of your home.
  • Your heating and air system resides in the attic.
  • You are renovating your property.
  • You are replacing the insulation.
  • You are planning to sell your home.
  • You operate a commercial property.

The Attic Cleanup and Decontamination Process

Reclaiming your attic requires professional help. Complete Detail walks with you through each phase of bird guano removal and bat guano removal, from inspection to decontamination. Here is the process we follow for attic cleanup and decontamination.

guano removal and bat guano removal

1. Guano Inspection

After finding guano on your property, your first call should be to a professional guano cleanup service like Complete Detail. We dispatch an expert to perform a visual inspection of the affected areas. During this assessment, we identify bird and bat entry points, structural defects, guano piles, and ventilation issues.

2. Guano Removal

When you are ready to begin the process of bat or bird guano cleanup, we first shut off your heating and cooling system and all ducts leading to the living areas. Donned with proper protective equipment and respirators, we will tailor the procedure to your home or business’ needs.

For instance, if your attic has a plywood floor, we will remove this to ensure a thorough clean. Alternatively, there may be guano on your insulation. In these scenarios, we remove the contaminated insulation.

Next, our professional team moistens the bird or bat droppings to prevent spores from becoming airborne. Then, Complete Detail uses an industrial-grade high-efficiency (HEPA) filter to collect the guano.

3. Decontamination

With the bird or bat guano removed, we then disinfect and deodorize the affected areas to protect your health. All guano is safely removed from your property and disposed of with care.

The result is a clean space, free of guano. Now, you will be able to enter your attic and use if for storage again.

Let Complete Detail Help With Guano Remediation

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