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Unchecked, mold indoors can damage the integrity of your home or business. Most importantly, mold can cause serious health effects for those within your property. Therefore, professional mold testing starts with a thorough inspection of your property. Then, our trained and experienced team will come up with a plan of action that bests suits your needs. Finally, our professional Mold Testing crew at Complete Detail Cleaning & Restoration will investigate any signs of past or present water intrusion.

What is Mold Testing?

During a mold inspection, the inspector tests the air or a surface to find out what kind of mold is growing. After the samples have been gathered from either the air or surface, it is then sent to a laboratory for an examination. The results from the lab will be given to you in about 2-4 business days. This information is vital to understanding the type of mold growing and what further actions are needed to remove it completely.

How is a Mold Testing Performed?

There are two main types of mold testing:

Air Samples: The most common method used to test air is using a “spore trap”. Spore traps work by air passing through a sticky surface, and collecting mold spores. When the spore trap is sent to the lab to be analyzed, stains are applied to the mold. After that, the lab identifies the types of mold spores gathered.

Surface Samples: There are three main methods of surface samples- bulk, swab and tape. With bulk samples, a piece of the effected area is physically taken and sent away to the lab. The swabbing method uses, what looks like a cotton swab, to sample the area and send it to the lab. Finally, the tape method is used by pressing a piece of clear tape against the surface and sending it to a lab.

The Complete Detail Cleaning & Restoration Difference

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Should I Get a Mold Testing?

Put simply, it depends on your specific situation, budget and other concerns. For example, if you’re thinking about buying a home and suspect mold, having a test done would be beneficial. You would be able to use it to decide if you want to move forward with the purchase or if the present owner will fix the problem first. However, if you already own a home and have a leak that caused mold, a test won’t be much help. You already are aware of what the issue is. However, if you want peace of mind, a mold test is always a good idea. Hopefully these hypothetical situations help in your decisions.

Is Mold Covered With Homeowner’s Insurance?

Like with all insurance policies, there are many variables to keep in mind. Homeowners insurance will cover mold if caused by a “covered peril”, and these should be listed in the policy. Otherwise, an insurance company will likely not cover mold damage. There are exceptions, depending on your situation. However, something like a preventable water leak, flooding, or high humidity will not be covered. If you are curious about your policy, check to see if there is any language about mold claims. Some insurers offer limited coverage or they give you the option to buy an endorsement to your policy that adds mold coverage.

How To Prevent Mold in Your Home

  1. Dry wet areas in your home immediately
  2. Prevent moisture
  3. Ensure proper ventilation
  4. Monitor humidity i.e after taking a hot shower
  5. Direct rain water away from your home
  6. Clean or repair roof gutters frequently

Mold Testing Cost

mold testing in troy oh

Many factors play into how much a mold testing will cost you. For example if you are needing a residential mold testing, it can cost anywhere from $300-$400 on average. However, if you are looking at a commercial mold testing situation, it usually starts around $500 and goes up from there. Some property owners only want to test an isolated place, but most experts recommend a thorough testing.

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