Who Needs Emergency Board Up Services?

Have you recently had a fire? Are you a victim of crime or vandalism? Are you repairing or remodeling a home or business? You may also want to prepare your home for a storm or natural disaster. If so, you may be interested in our emergency board up services. Our emergency board up services helps prevent additional destruction and property loss until restoration can be completed. In other words, we will board up things like windows, doors or your roof. For example, boarding up keeps unwanted animals and individuals from entering your home or business. In addition, emergency board up of a damaged roof will keep water from causing further damage.

Let’s get into some of the specific situations that call for emergency board up, and you will be able to see why finding the right professionals to help matters so much.

Severe Weather

When windstorms, hurricanes, or tornadoes damage the exterior of your home, it can be severe. Things like windows and roofs can be damaged by flying debris outside. The high speed of a tornado can rip shingles and siding off your home entirely. In any of these cases, it is important to contact a board up service quickly Doing so will eliminate the chances for any further damages. However, in case of a hurricane, you usually have some warning. Therefore, if a hurricane is approaching your area, contact your local board up company to take the proper precautions before a storm hits. It should be noted, though, often evacuation of the area is the best safety precaution to take in addition to boarding up your home or business.


A house fire’s heat can damage your home extensively. In addition, firefighting actions can cause broken windows, doors or structural damage. Therefore, your home will most likely need boarded up and the roof tarped to keep it safe while you work to rebuild or fix the home. This will also help to prevent additional loss of property and further damage to your home.


Flooding is another disaster that can cause severe damage to your home. The results can be doors, windows or walls burst down. Therefore, boarding up the damage can protect the property from further damage while you figure out how to fix the problem.


An accident is a broad term, however, they happen every day and require immediate attention, For example, a ball thrown through a window, tree falling through roof, or even a car crashing in your home (this happens!) can all come as a surprise. However, they all leave you with an opening that needs to be shut to protect you from anyone entering. We can provide a temporary solution until you are able to arrange for the repair of any damage.


When vandalism occurs, you will no doubt become very uneasy. It is important to contact the local authorities first and foremost. However, it is also important to board up any damage they incurred on your property. This will help to protect you from any further loss and make you feel more secure.

Emergency Board Up Services

Board up and Tarp-Over Process

In Case of a Fire:

As previously mentioned, if you have suffered a fire, emergency board up is something you will most likely need. Any openings in your home (broken windows, doors, walls) need to be boarded up to protect your home from illegal entry. It also becomes an insurance issue. Failure to protect your building after a fire could result in your being considered negligent.

It is helpful to have a professional to help with board up. They understand what needs to be boarded up, and which materials are best to use and most secure. Boarding up on your own can also be very dangerous. For example, you may need to access second or third floor windows, fire escapes or get on a roof. All of this requires fall protection and experience. It is best to not try this on your own.

Emergency Roof Tarping

In the event of a severe storm, things like falling trees, high winds or even hail can cause damage to roofs. Safety is the primary concern (or should be) of getting roof tarping. A professional should always start off with an initial roof assessment, seeing as how ground damage is not always visible. If you suspect damage, it is always best to contact a professional as soon as possible. It should be noted that if the premises has suffered major roof damage, it would be vacated immediately.

Avoiding Emergency Board Up:

If you put off emergency board up when you need it, you may wonder what the consequences could be. Without a layer of protection between your roof and the elements, or any other hole or space created by a disaster, your home is at risk for further damage. For example, things like water damage or mold growth can also occur without a proper board up.  When water can come in through a damaged roof or other opening, this will damage insulation, stain walls and ceilings and lead to mold growth. In a severe case, water can collect on a damaged roof and then put the entire structure at risk for collapsing.

Call the Emergency Board Up Experts!

Regardless of the cause, our emergency services are the best answer to any challenges confronted. Therefore, we are available 24/7. Feel free to call us anytime. We are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have! Our professional and experienced staff will be happy to secure your home or business.

How to Prepare for Severe Weather

Stay Alert: One of the best ways to do this is listening to the weather channel and keeping yourself alert to possible storms. Look for real time, local weather updates and emergency alerts. Use a radio with batteries to ensure continued coverage even in the event of a power outage.

Make an emergency plan: Hold a family meeting and discuss a meeting place with your entire family. Keep emergency contact information not only up to date, but in a safe place that is readily available. Make sure to have an emergency pack for your family or each family member in case you are separated.

Board up windows: Many may think of board up services as something to do post storm, however, it can also be used as a preventative measure. If you know a tornado or hurricane is possible, boarding up windows can prevent things outside from coming in and hurting your home or family.

Emergency Board Up Services

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How Much Does a Board Up Cost?

If your insurance company does not have a preferred provider, you can expect to pay between $35 and $50 per man-hour for emergency board up services. Again, all of this depends on the circumstances of your project and what you want. Another determining factor is where you live, and how high the demand for board up services has become. In an area where a hurricane is expected, prices may rise due to the increase of demand. However, if you have an isolated accident, you will probably pay less.

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