Warning Signs Mold is Hiding in Your Home

Mold is literally everywhere. It makes sense then, to do what we can to learn about it and protect yourself from the harmful effects mold can cause. You may wonder: How can you tell if there is mold currently growing in your home? Let’s break down some of the most common warning signs. Then, you will be able to call the right person to get your life and home back to being safe, healthy, and clean.

Warning Sign #1: Visible Growth

This is the most obvious sign mold is growing in your home. However, many different types of mold are ignored, because they appear to just be dust, or dirt. Herein lies the importance of being able to understand what mold looks like. For example, some mold grows in clusters and can be black, gray-brown, green or even white. Mold hiding behind wall paper, on the other hand, may look orange, pink or purple. The fact that you have spotted mold growth could mean there is a larger amount hiding beneath the surface.

The bottom line: whatever mold you find means it is time to take action!

Warning Sign #2: Odor

Mold in general smells unpleasant, think the direct opposite of fresh. It smells like something in the room is wet. It can be compared to what rotten wood, wet socks, or an old book.

The bottom line: don’t ignore odor just because you don’t see mold. Have a professional do a mold inspection of the problem area as soon as possible.

Warning Sign #3: Water Issues

Water leaks, past flooding and condensation are just a few of the water issues that could eventually lead to a mold issue. Water stains and discoloration on floors, ceilings and walls can point to the fact that you have a moisture problem.  Another thing to look out for is peeling, bubbling or cracking paint on walls and ceilings. If they are warped and bulging this could be a sign that moisture has already affected them and mold is growing on or even behind these surfaces.

The bottom line: be aware of leaks and any excess moisture prone areas of your home. Have these inspected by a professional.

Warning Sign #4: Allergies

Do you only experience allergy symptoms at home? When you leave your house for an extended period of time do your allergies ease up? If so, this may be a sign of mold growth in your home. Symptoms can include, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion.

The bottom line: localized allergies are a big sign you could have a mold issue. Call a professional to get it checked out!

Complete Detail is a professional company who would be happy to help with all your mold and moisture problems. If you think you may have mold, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you each step of the way!