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Have you recently experienced flooding, an appliance leak or burst pipe that has left your home or business with standing water? We know this can be overwhelming at first. Take comfort in knowing Complete Detail handles this type of situation often. However, what is the process? How much will it cost? Further, can you do it yourself? We will dive into these questions to help you make the best decisions with your current water emergency.

What is Water Extraction and Removal?

Restoration companies (like Complete Detail) specialize in removing water that has flooded in a home or business. Additionally, we work to minimize any damage after a flood. During the water extraction process, it is our goal to also prevent mold growth and restore a property to it’s former condition.

What is the Water Extraction Process?

  • Inspection of the situation to determine where the water source is
  • Stop water source from continuing
  • Start water extraction with industrial-strength equipment
  • Damaged items are removed to be evaluated by the insurance adjuster
  • Dehumidifiers and speed dryers are used to circulate air and remove moisture
  • Deodorize and sanitize the entire area

How Much Does Water Extraction Cost?

Although there isn’t any standard cost for this task, the low end of water extraction is between $150 – $500. A high end water extraction can reach up to $7,500 or more. Remember, the actual cost will depend on the professional you hire, the extent of standing water, and damages. One source says “The national average price of water damage restoration is $2700. Additionally, the type of water involved will impact the price: Clean Water: $3.75 per square foot.” If you have questions about your specific situation, call 937-507-2927.

Can I Extract Water Myself?

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As you may already know, water damage and flooding can cause several different types of problems. Most of these problems are best handled in the hands of a professional. For example, you may not be able to remove all the moisture from your flooding incident. If not properly done, mold could easily grow and become an entirely new problem.

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