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When you find commercial water damage, the first thing you should do is call Complete Detail. We provide 24/7 immediate response to your commercial water damage needs. After conducting a site inspection and developing a restoration plan, our team of certified water damage technicians will begin working to mitigate the damages, restore any damaged materials, and return your commercial property to its pre-loss condition. Call Complete Detail when you need commercial water damage restoration!

Identifying Water Damage

Water damage can sometimes be difficult to identify. Below are a small list of things to look out for, to help you spot water damage on your commercial property:

  • Discoloration, soft spots, or warping on the flooring. This occurs most commonly around bathtubs, toilets, sinks and washing machines.
  • Water rings on the ceiling or walls.
  • A moldy, musty or mildew smell points to a potential mold issue, possibly resulting from water damage.
  • A leaky water heater will leave rust spots on the connections or around the base.

Have you noticed water damage in your commercial property? Call Complete Detail took schedule your free inspection today!

Our Commercial Water Damage Restoration Process:

Over the years, Complete Detail has developed a tried and true process for handling commercial water damage in a timely and effective manner. Below is an overview of this process:

  • Commercial Water Damage Inspection – When you call Complete Detail because your commercial property has been impacted by water damage, we will send out a water damage expert to inspect your property and gather enough information to begin developing a project plan and estimate.
  • Water Extraction – Once we’ve agreed on a restoration plan, our team of water damage technicians will begin utilizing our industry leading water extraction equipment to quickly and effectively remove any standing water left on your property.
  • Damaged Materials Removal – When water contacts certain building materials, like drywall, the damage is almost instantaneous. After the water has been removed, our next step is to remove any irreversibly damaged materials, preparing the area for further drying any necessary repairs.
  • Drying & Dehumidifying – While our team has already removed the standing water, there is still moisture that has been absorbed into the materials in your commercial property, from floorboards to walls to the ceiling. By using industrial strength blowers and dehumidifiers, our team of water damage experts will be able to restore your property to a safe and dry state, protecting your property from possible mold growth.
  • Rebuild & Remodel – As a licensed general contractor, Complete Detail is qualified and capable of making any repair, big or small. Whether you just need some drywall replaced, or you are looking to completely remodel your kitchen, no job is too big for Complete Detail.
  • Documentation – An important benefit to working with a turnkey restoration company, like Complete Detail, is that your entire restoration is taken care of under one roof, simplifying the documentation and insurance process. Our team will work diligently to document everything along the way through photos and records.

Have you noticed water damage in your commercial property? Call Complete Detail took schedule your free inspection today!

Does Insurance Cover Commercial Water Damage?

Water damage can be costly, which makes having comprehensive water damage insurance very important. Commercial insurance policies vary greatly, so if you aren’t sure about your current coverage, we suggest calling up your insurance provider and asking about your coverage for water damage.

In certain cases it may be possible to adjust your coverage to for better water damage protection.

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