Why is Steam Effective and Beneficial?

First, steam cleaning uses the powerful combination of pressure, speed and temperature. Steam particles are forced into hard to reach areas to loosen dirt. In addition, steam cleaning does not use any chemical agents, thus ensuring a safe and effective carpet cleaning service. Without a doubt, our steam cleaning team at Complete Detail pride ourselves on leaving customers satisfied. Undoubtedly, we are here to leave your carpet and upholstery fresh and clean!

Cleaning Furniture

Without a doubt, having clean upholstery is important, especially if kids and pets are involved. With the help of our trained professionals, you can have clean, great-smelling upholstery in no time! It should be noted, steam cleaning furniture can help protect your upholstery from stains, spills, spots, and dirt. Additionally, we put 3M Scotchgard™ on furniture after a cleaning to help prevent spills from absorbing into fabric. Moreover, this product makes it much easier to blot up and clean messes. Furthermore, it allows stains to release easier when an upholstery cleaning is done. In turn, vacuuming furniture becomes much easier between cleanings as well.

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Cleaning Carpets

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits from steam cleaning carpets. For example, it will result in a cleaner, healthier and fresher home. Complete Detail will use steam to remove stains and get carpets smelling, looking and feeling clean. There are many things you as a homeowner can do to keep your carpets looking their best, as well as tips to avoid common mistakes when it comes to taking care of your carpet. Without a doubt, let Complete Detail guide you in the maintenance of your carpets.

How Much Does Steam Cleaning Cost?

  • Carpets– The cost of having a carpet cleaning for your entire home, of course, depends on how many rooms you have. If a company charges by room it will be anywhere from $15 to $40 for each room.
  • Upholstery– It all depends on the size of what you are having cleaned. For example, for an armchair or recliner you will pay between $30 to $50. A love seat cleaning will cost around $50-$60. A couch will range from $70-$80 or up to $100-$150 for a large sectional.

The Complete Detail Cleaning Difference

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  • We Work with Insurance
  • Initial Response Under 60 Minutes
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Our Promise

Indeed, at Complete Detail Cleaning, we promise a highly trained crew. We ensure each customer our full attention and we are willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Clearly, our company has been built on customer satisfaction.

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